Supporting the Body

Holiday Stress

The holidays are a magical season, were friends and families come together to celebrate, spend time together, and create memories. It is a season that is suppose to represent all of the qualities and values that we treasure, and have grown up with. And as children, this season is even more magical; however, as we have grown up - and seen the other side of it - it can become stressful. It becomes a time of immense stress: financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Especially if you don’t fill your proverbial cup as you go. There is a lot of people who experience burn out during the holidays, and it’s no surprise, when it’s such a busy time of year, with demand after demand. So how do you keep going during the holidays, and not burn out, or feel as stressed out? Let’s talk about some things you can do.

Know your Limits

There are times when your mind and body are going to tell you to stop adding onto your plate, and taking up more demands. These are the times that it is important to listen to your body. It is sending you these messages for a reason, and it is warning you that you are reaching your limit and need to recuperate; otherwise, you’ll burn out. Honouring yourself and your limits is the best way to support your mind and body, prevent from burn out, and decrease any unnecessary stress. Once you learn your limits, and boundaries, you can take this with you throughout your life, because healthy boundaries is something everyone needs to learn and practice for your own health and wellbeing.

Ask for Support

If you do find that you have piled your plate full of responsibilities and duties, and are struggling to get everything done by the time they need to be, or you feel like you are at your limit, the best thing you can do for yourself is to ask for support. Ask your friends, family, and/or partner if they can support you in finishing a task. Dividing the work with people can be a great way of decreasing your stress load. In addition to asking for support, having your priorities set is helpful. Is it really important to pristinely wrap the presents or is it more important to spend quality time with your partner and/ or children? The gift wrapper is going to torn to shreds regardless of how nice it looks, while memories and experiences you gained spending time with your loved ones, can last a life time.

Self Care

You have to fill your cup, so that you can give to others. If filling your cup looks like having a massage to relieve those tense muscles, or having a manicure and pedicure to feel like you’ve been cared for, then do it. If it looks like having a retreat, where you do all the activities you love, or do yoga, meditate, read, then do it. You know what refuels you, so listen to your body. Right now is the best time to use your benefits for what they’re suppose to do - benefit you. You can also see a Naturopathic Doctor so that they can recommend additional lifestyle changes, supplements, and therapies that can help rebuild you, prevent burn out, and make you feel more energetic. They’re your benefits, so use it in a way that will benefit you.

Have a Joyous Holiday Season!

~ Dr. Charmagne


Padsicles are a great way of providing postpartum relief by helping the perineum heal after birthing your baby. In general, after birthing, the vagina becomes swollen and sore. So having something there to help decrease the inflammation, and provide some healing support is wonderful.

Padsicles are pretty much exactly as it sounds - pads that you put in the freezer to make them into padsicles. The only thing is that before you place these pads into the freezer, you put wonderful ingredients onto the pads, and let those absorb first.


  • Witch hazel

  • Aloe vera

  • Overnight/super absorbant pads

  • Optional:

    • Essential oils - lavender and frankincense


  1. Open up the pad. Don’t remove from the covering.

  2. Spread 1 tbsp of Aloe vera on to the pad.

  3. Pour some of the witch hazel into a 250 mL spray bottle, and add 1 drop each of lavender and frankincense into the bottle.

  4. Spray this mixture onto the pad until damp from the spray (should be around 1 tbsp)

  5. Package up the pad, and place into individual ziplock bags

  6. Place them into the freezer.

Make 10-20 of these pads before birthing, that way they are available for you right after you birth your baby.

~ Dr. Charmagne

How to Support Your Body During the Stampede

The Stampede is here, and as we all know, the city is going to come alive! It is one of my favourite times of the year - I love seeing our city come to life, and enjoy themselves. I also have some very fond memories of the Stampede. Along with coming a live, people tend to party hard. 

Now, how do you support your body, while partying hard, and not feeling like garbage the next day, and after Stampede is over? I will be providing some really easy tips you can use throughout the week to support your body, and allow you to enjoy this coming week to the fullest. The Foundations of Health will always serve you to support your body; however, these tips will also help specifically for the Stampede. 

1. Hydrate - Make sure you are drinking enough water. Being out and about, in the gorgeous sun, and drinking alcohol will dehydrate you. Drinking water will help your body clean out toxins, and hydrate your body. It will allow your organs to be functioning better by providing them a way to eliminate their metabolites more efficiently - including helping to regulate your bowel movements (Harvard Health Publishing - Harvard Medical School). If you are becoming dehydrated, you can also add some electrolytes to balance the minerals found in your blood stream. This becomes more important when you drink a large volume of water at one time.

2. N-acetyl-cystine (NAC) - If you have read some of my other blogs, you know how much I love this molecule. It is absolutely amazing, and helps to build up the master antioxidant your body: glutathione. Glutathione is used in a number of different processes in the body, including the liver, where it is used as a part of Phase I, and Phase II detoxification. These phases bind to toxins that go through your bloodstream, and allows your body to excretes them. 

3. B Complex - B vitamins are used in a number of different processes in your body, they can help provide energy, by being involved in the Kerb's Cycle (eg. Vitamin B1, and B3). Where as vitamins B12 and folate are known to help with red blood cell development, and as a result, helps with transferring oxygen to the rest of the body, and carbon dioxide out of the body. Vitamin B1 (otherwise known as thiamine) in particular that tends to become depleted with increased alcohol consumption. Thiamine is used to help certain enzymes that deal with the breakdown of carbohydrates (National Institute of Alcohol Abuse ad Alcoholism). When there is a deficiency present, the cells are not able to have enough thiamine, which means they have a harder time making energy (ATP), and can cause sub-optimal functioning of the brain. Therefore, taking a B Complex during the Stampede can help protect you from these effects, and allow your body to produce more energy to enjoy it!

Have a wonderful Stampede!

~ Dr. Charmagne