Padsicles are a great way of providing postpartum relief by helping the perineum heal after birthing your baby. In general, after birthing, the vagina becomes swollen and sore. So having something there to help decrease the inflammation, and provide some healing support is wonderful.

Padsicles are pretty much exactly as it sounds - pads that you put in the freezer to make them into padsicles. The only thing is that before you place these pads into the freezer, you put wonderful ingredients onto the pads, and let those absorb first.


  • Witch hazel

  • Aloe vera

  • Overnight/super absorbant pads

  • Optional:

    • Essential oils - lavender and frankincense


  1. Open up the pad. Don’t remove from the covering.

  2. Spread 1 tbsp of Aloe vera on to the pad.

  3. Pour some of the witch hazel into a 250 mL spray bottle, and add 1 drop each of lavender and frankincense into the bottle.

  4. Spray this mixture onto the pad until damp from the spray (should be around 1 tbsp)

  5. Package up the pad, and place into individual ziplock bags

  6. Place them into the freezer.

Make 10-20 of these pads before birthing, that way they are available for you right after you birth your baby.

~ Dr. Charmagne